Our team of specialists have over 10 years of experience working on gearbox repair and overhaul.

We are proton cvt gearbox and all kind cvt gearbox specialist. We are able to implement a rigorous and stringent process to solve any gearbox issues.

If you have any enquirers, please not hesitate to contact us +60 6-676 0186

We Believe

Fuyang Auto strongly believe in providing our customers the most direct and accurate gearbox solution to help them save time and money.

Our focus on customers’ needs and the ability to meet their expectations.

The reason customers have chose us of reliable vehicle workshop for gearbox repair.

  • Specialist in auto transmission repair & overhaul of all types of vehicles
  • Experienced & well-trained mechanics in gearbox repair
  • Competitive and direct pricing for transmission issues
  • Warranty after repair for peace of mind



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